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"Making and Using Sandbags." This article shows you how to find commercially 
available sandbags and/or make your own. STAY SAFE - Use Sandbags!

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What People Are Saying (Excerpted Comments
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  • "One of the hardest things to teach with photography, especially when you are deeply knowledgeable, is keeping it simple for others. Andrew does a fantastic job with Focus and Filter, covering an amazing range of what can be complex subjects, and keeping it clearly explained. His writing style is concise and conversational, which always makes learning easier.  And some of the tips are just gems and extremely useful."  - Jack Reznicki, professional photographer and author, 

    "If you want to photograph like a pro, it isn't enough to own the same gear as a pro...You have to act like a pro. And to act like a pro, you have to think like a pro. These assignments [in Focus and Filter] get you thinking like a pro.” -Mike Pasini, Editor, Photo Corners

    "After 27 years as a professional photographer, I've seen a lot of how-to photo books and articles. But I've never seen a book quite like this. It's like an emergency manual for DIY weekend projects, filled with useful photos and helpful tips like how to easily modify your lighting with reflectors and how to choose the right portable flash unit. It will stay in my collection for many years to come."   - Ron Wyatt, Photo Workshop Leader & Two-Time Olympic Games Photographer, 

    "...Mr. Darlow's text contains some very unique features. Among them, for the DIY photographer, he provides well-developed, common sense hack versions of expensive gear that can save photographers significant amounts of money. "

About The Author

Andrew Darlow is a photographer, writer and digital imaging coach based in the New York City metro area. His passion is helping passionate photographers of all levels capture, print and protect their photos. He has lectured and conducted seminars and workshops around the world at photo-related conferences and for photography organizations, including: Professional Photographers of America (PPA); PhotoPlus Expo, the Arles Photo Festival (France); Columbia University; and the International Center of Photography (ICP). His photography has been exhibited in many group and solo shows, and his prints are held in numerous private collections. His articles, tips and images have been included in many publications, websites, books and on-air programs, including American Photo, Animal Planet, People Magazine, Photo District News,,, Popular Photography, Rangefinder and Women’s World Magazine. He’s the editor of and is the author of three award-winning photo-related books.  Photo credit: Jim Roselli

Get the FIRST 25 PAGES of the Book, Plus Workflow Videos & Updates:

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